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A Sneakerhead, a Craft Beer enthusiast and a Poet realized that sharing their respective hobbies helped to diversify and enrich their brotherhood.  Learning to appreciate each others leisure pursuits & adding them to their own, also provided more ways to improve the overall quality of everyday life.  Not ones to be selfish, they set out to offer that same opportunity to the rest of the world.


Sneakers & Ale is a lifestyle brand that represents Artistry & Creativity. We provide a platform & a forum for the Artful, the Creative & the Imaginative to perform, showcase & express themselves in a forwarding way. We demonstrate that Artistry can be found almost anywhere, in almost anything.  A metaphor for our way of life, S&A’s premium brand adds an authentic, richly rewarding,  alternative to well…just about anything.


Artistry feeds the soul, & it’s the healthy soul that sets out to change our world for the betterment of all.  Therefore we spotlight people, places & things with Artistic qualities (innate or overt) making them standouts among the co-cultures they represent.  Our goal is to support artists & artistry on the rise as we strive to become an important rung on the ladder of success, helping to push those talented “nouns” into the limelight.


The S&A culture is more than the people, places & things it celebrates & indulges in.  It’s one that also works to pass on its personal enrichment s through actions that are rooted in philanthropy.  We actively seek & entertain strategic sponsors along with partnerships strengthening our mutual agendas.


Our community consists of trendsetters, go-getters & game-changers that appreciate & applaud creativity.  Those who are open minded enough to adapt to & adopt new ideas & life enhancing artistry.