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Sneakers & Ale is supporting

We’re cordially inviting you & yours to attend our exciting End Human Trafficking Fundraiser Show on Saturday, July 27th from 7pm-10pm.  The event will be held at ‘The Paper Box’ which is an amazing live music venue located at 17 Meadow St in Brooklyn, NY.

Joseph Kony isn’t the only villain perpetrating Human Trafficking crimes against humanity.  Sadly, in the United States & around the globe, children as well as adults are being manipulated, kidnapped, bought & sold into slavery every day. From servitude & fieldwork to sexual enslavement and beyond; human beings are being locked away in secret and violently forced to live under nightmarish circumstances.  Meanwhile, family & friends suffer, not knowing where their loved-ones are, or if they’re even dead or alive.


Here are a few frightening facts to further your understanding of these dreadful happenings:


* At least 12.3 million people are trafficked worldwide.

* More than 1 million children are victims of trafficking.

* People are trafficked in 161 countries, including the United States.

* Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry worldwide.

* On average, only 1 person is convicted for every 800 trafficking cases worldwide


We will not stand by idly hoping someone else will do something. So, we have joyfully committed to raising AT LEAST $6,000 dollars on behalf of Polaris Project by 8/1/2013.

To save multiple lives its as simple as lifting your fingertips to donate at least $1 and then passing this email along to at least 3 other people.  In the time it takes to watch a YouTube video or browse text messages in your iPhone, you can quite possibly save another Human Being from being sold into slavery.




Performers (in no particular order)

  • Rain Maker (Spoken Word)
  • Roxy Azari (Spoken Word) (
  • Les NY (Spoken Word)
  • Ashwi Williams (Singer)
  • Joel Williams (Singer)
  • Angela Smiley (Singer)
  • MAVRIC (Emcee)
  • AMALGAMATE DANCE CO. (Contemporary Dance) (
  • JANET YEN (Hoop Dance)
  • Marthalicia (Painter/Artist) (
  • John Ashford Fashion Show (Shoe Designer) (
  • Turntablist Performances by Rock & Soul (



Free Lagunitas Craft Beer Tasting (1st 100 ticket bearing guests)

100 Free Gift Bags

Silent Art Auction


Raffle Items:

  • Yankees Tickets (1 group pack of 4)
  • Hand Crafted Artisan Salts by Chef Cassandra Quinlan-Ashford
  • Imena, Inc. Hair & Makeup Session ($250 value)
  • E-Marketing Package
  • Professional Photography Package ($500 value)
  • Lagunitas Brewery Swag



  • Armani Scott’s ‘The Mighty Magical MAJESTICS’: (NEW animated super-hero series) ( (
  • Imena Inc: (Hair & Beauty) (
  • Chef Cassandra Quinlan Ashford’s ‘LQJ Events’: (


PURCHASE TICKETS HERE (A portion of all tickets go to the cause):




Learn more about Polaris Project by clicking here: Polaris Project

Because the average citizen is unaware of this large-scale epidemic, much of it goes on right under our noses.  And if we’re unaware of it, we can’t do anything about it. Which is why Sneakers & Ale is helping to raise awareness by rallying its team together (YOU) in support of our fellow souls in need.  Together we can change the world!




Amin Sizemore, Shaun Heath, Tony Watts & the rest of the Sneakers & Ale Family

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