Captain Lawrence Brewery

Freshchester Pale Ale by Captain Lawrence Brewery

Published on Author DavidYates

Checking out at CVS, my girlfriend and I noticed the seemingly hapless employees trying to help a Spanish speaking family pick out a beer. After my girlfriend offered to translate, we understood that they wanted something local that they wouldnt have had where they were from. I thought of Brooklyn Brewery or something New York City based, but failing that, found a small section of the cooler reserved for Captain Lawrence. The package said craft brewed in New York, so it fit the criteria, and FreshChester sounded appealing, so I suggested it and took home a six-pack for myself.
After a little research, I learned that Captain Lawrence is based out of Elmsford, New York. Its a family run brewery headed by Scott Vacarro, who tells an interesting story about his teenage exposure to homebrewing and subsequent love affair with the craft.
The FreshChester Pale Ale has a cloudy but bright orange-brown color and produces a light, airy head. It gives off the sharp aroma of its three different types of hops (Columbus, Cascade, and Palisade). The flavor is crisp and refreshing, and though it doesnt hide the trademark pale ale bitterness (IBU: 35), I didnt feel bogged down by it either. I wasnt eating when I sampled it, but it is recommended with spicy foods beacuse of its neutralizing quality. FreshChester is a well rounded, if relatively light pale ale that doesnt need a special occasion to open a bottle