SAs 1 Year Anniversary Recap

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Sneakers & Ale is bursting at the seams with gratitude for all who braved the peaks and valleys throughout this past year with us. For both Artist and Audience alike – we do this for you as much as we do this for ourselves.  But, none of this could be a reality without GOD-given gifts such as inspiration & creativity.  So, because we acknowledge all things are possible through HIM, we give eminent thanks and praise for the abundance of blessings and grace.

S&A would like to acknowledge how very appreciative we are of our silent partner, Iris Thillet, who has been an integral part of our accomplishments.  Iris, you are loved & cherished greatly!


Special thanks to those who have been in ongoing support:

Rob (Kimbu 8) | Danny Matos | Rainmaker | Brother Earl | Marthalicia | Marc Bigelow | Betsy (B) | Doc Jeezy | Chanelva Maclean | Jasmine | Psychomantus | John Ashford & Cassandra Quinlan-Ashford | Vanessa Chica | Saroya Marsh | Fight or Flight | Tonysha | Stanley Fritz | Armani Scott | Will Wagstaff | Angy Abreau | Chance | Ben Osborne | Tami C | Brittany Regis | Jason & Vanessa | Our Momentum Family | MDBM

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